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Sunday, April 22, 2007

This week kicks of the start of a silent Art Auction at the K-Dog Café in my neighborhood. I have donated 2 pieces to the weeklong auction that can be yours if you are the winning bidder. From what I know, to bid on this auction you will have to go to the café and place a bid, then continue to come back and make sure you are not out bid by someone else. Here is a snippet from and announcement I got as a donor.

“The first PLG Arts Art Auction Benefit will take the form of a week-long exhibition/silent auction from April 23rd to Sunday April 29th. There will be a closing event on the 29th. It will be held at K-Dog & Dunebuggy Café on Lincoln Road in our neighborhood. “K Dog” hosts exhibitions on a regular schedule and is a center for neighborhood life. The proceeds from the auction will directly support our creative arts programs and help establish our visibility.”

If I get more info I’ll let you know. If you have questions or comments hit me up.



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