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Sunday, December 03, 2006

10/17 - NYC Comic Con - Part 1

On this weekend (Fri - Sun) Khary Randolph was holdin' it down at the NYC Comic Con across from Penn Station. He was kind enough to offer me a spot with him at the table so I had a chance to go. I headed over to the con late Friday night just to check out the lay of the land. My younger sis Alesha, a talented young artist in her own right, was with me as she had just arrived in town. When we got there Khary met us down stairs. My sis went to go grab some food, and Khary and I went back in. I picked up a badge and we headed upstairs to the back where his table was (In the Artist Alley area). Khary had some customers waiting as always, so I went to check out the rest of the con.

By this point it was late, so a lot of spots were already closed. I took my time as I walked around. I saw a lot of stuff, but most was uninteresting to me. There were a few things here and there but noting jumpin’ out to grab me. Translation, my money stayed in my pocket, lol.

I did however run into actor Scott Schwatrz in the Cleb section. Adam West was still there with a line of people waiting. Bruce Leroy was gone already, but even when I did see him the next day I kept walkin’, lol. I like the Last Dragon but felt no need to holla at him.
Since It was late and the only line was for Adam, I chilled with Scott for a while. I'm glad no one was waiting for him (for my own selfish reason which I'll explain right now) as it gave me time to really talk to him. He's a great guy, and I happen to love him in Ocean’s 11 and 12. I'm looking forward to 13. Talking to him I also learned more about his work, which was real cool to me. He’s been in other movies I like, tho I never realized he was in them, ha! I gotta go back a re watch a few things. ;)

After that I went back to Khary’s table and chilled there for a bit. Near by were amazing artists such as Travis Charest and Cully Hamner. Trav was doing sketches with a long line of people waiting for more. I wanted to holla at him but he was very focused on the sketch he was doing. Cully was choppin' it up with a young artist. The conversation veered off from art and onto comic related movies, which is not uncommon. I had to laugh as Cully’s views seemed to stun the youngster, but the more stunned he got, the more questions he asked. After the good laugh I gave Cully props on his work and told him I'd holla at him tomorrow ( Tho I never did get a chance to go back and see him).

My sis hit me the she was back from getting food, so I headed out. On my way out ran in to the awesome artist Afua. I passed her my badge so she could run in for a sec. While she went in I said goodbye to my sis who was in town for a friends birthday. Her hotel was right by the con and her other friends were arriving soon. Not long after she left Afua came down with Cully and gave me back the badge. With my badge in hand and my mind buzzin with inspiration II bounced home to get ready for the next day.


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