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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Bay*

EBay that is. You all know about it. I know about it but never use it. My friends are all avid users So lately I've been keeping watch of a lot of auctions. It's all very exciting I must say and it seems like a very useful tool.

I've been considering using it to sell some of my original art. I've been getting a lot of requests of how to buy my art aside from conventions. This could prove to be a useful way for me to start to sell my work online, and make it easier for all of you to own some of my work. I'll most likely start off small to begin with, but I'll be learning how to use it as I go along. I'll post some info on my index page when I do. It could be as soon as tonight, or not for a few weeks. We'll see.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming!


* "The Bay" = EBay I picked this up in conversations so if I say it that's what I mean.


  • At 7:11 AM , Blogger eugene commodore said...

    Yeah Wes it was cool talkin to ya for a hot sec. wish I was there for rest of the weekend its always cool to be around talented artist such as youself and Khary it keeps those creative sparks flowing. Hope to bump into you guys at the next con ( New York Con is the next I think ) anyway's I'll holla at ya.


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