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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gunn Smoke Sketchbook

It has arrived! My first sketchbook is now available to order online. There have been a lot of orders already and I'm really excited about it. The first order of books arrived in time for the New York Comic Convention. I did well at the con for my debut book (there is more about that in the post below this one). I also got quite a few orders from my friends and coworkers. Thanks Guys and Gals!

The sketchbooks will be available through my eBay store at a cost of $15. Each book comes with an original drawing on first interior page. Each drawing is different and can be of anything from Superman to a cute kitty. You will also be able to order custom drawings in your sketchbook. For a book with a custom sketch you'll need to send me references of what you want. Custom books are $50. There are a limited supply of books and even less custom books available. Be sure to order yours now or you'll have to wait until my next print run and that might not be for a while.

Below are photos of some of the sketches I've done so far. I'll add more to my Flickr account when i get a moment and post the link here. Check them out and then go order a book! ;)