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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Bay*

EBay that is. You all know about it. I know about it but never use it. My friends are all avid users So lately I've been keeping watch of a lot of auctions. It's all very exciting I must say and it seems like a very useful tool.

I've been considering using it to sell some of my original art. I've been getting a lot of requests of how to buy my art aside from conventions. This could prove to be a useful way for me to start to sell my work online, and make it easier for all of you to own some of my work. I'll most likely start off small to begin with, but I'll be learning how to use it as I go along. I'll post some info on my index page when I do. It could be as soon as tonight, or not for a few weeks. We'll see.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming!


* "The Bay" = EBay I picked this up in conversations so if I say it that's what I mean.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

FanBoy Moment

Ok, I'm nerdin it up on this one. This past week on 11/06 I went to the LOST signing at Toys R Us in Times SQ. It was great! I met Todd McFarlane(Comic god!), Jorge Garcia(Hurley) and Bryan Burke(Producer). To get access to the signing you had to buy a LOST Hatch set. I the proceeded to get that signed to add to my collection. Also it's only one per person, 200 people max, and I still ended up with 3 signed Hatch box sets. One Is open and on display at my job with the other figures I have. I had them sign the back drop of that one so it's displayed with the signatures. The other 2 are signed and still in the boxes. YEA!

It's funny cuz Todd seemed supprised to find out that the back drop( the one I took out of the box to have them sign) was folded, in essence, backwards. He asked me " Why is it folded like this"? My reply was " That's how it came in the box". He then turned to someone behind him and asked "Why is this folded like this"? It was classic. I doubt he had ever seen it out the box. I wonder if they will correct that on future sets. If you happen to buy a hatch set that has the back drop rolled up with the plain cardboard on the outside you'll know they did.

At this point I felt like I threw a stone in Todd's pond, but then I realized I didn't throw the stone, I just pointed it out to him, LOL. I could have made matters worse by tellin him how much I enjoyed my Locke figure. That in and of it's self is no problem, but the fact that Toys R us put the toys out a week early is. I was lucky enough to grab Locke before they pulled them off the shelf. A fact I doubt Todd knew at the time. :)

As You can see I also got to take a picture with the trio. I took some pics of the toys as well. The figures them selves are really done well. They each some with a little piece relevant to the show. Charlie for example comes with a Drive Shaft ring. I only have 4 of the 7 piece set. I'll most likely go back for Hurley and Kate. If get Shannon it will be just to complete the set. I hated Shannon.

Well that's enough Nerd Boy for now. My weekly dose of LOST is on hold until Feb, and so is my FanBoy status.

Art Mart

about a month ago I was a vendor at the Art Mart in my neighborhood. The day started out slow, but picked up as the day went on. This was the first Art Mart of it's kind in my hood. It was kind of a "test run". Hopefully this will be a regular thing come next summer. I did quite well for my first time sellin on the St( as opposed to indoor conventions). Here are some pics of my set up and some customers.