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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sup everyone. This is gonna be a quick drive by on what i've been up to lately. Still a lot of things I can't mention as of yet, but here are the few I can.

Marvel Sketch Cards
I've done a set of 50 Cards for the MSC Series 3. About 43 or so should make it into the final set. I got to draw all kinds of cool characters for this run including spiderman, wolverine, storm and more. Here are a few of the cards I did, and I'll be adding more very soon.

Com & Graf
Later this month I'll have a piece showing in a gallery in Boston. All my Boston peeps, if you have the time, check it out. The flyer for the show is attached and the time and address can be found on it as well.

Other stuff to note
I've recently started doing some work for the actress Meital Dohan. She played Yael Hoffman on the showtime show called Weeds. I've also been working on a few comic projects. I'm trying to step that area of my game up more. I should have some stuff in the next few months to talk about on that. Lastly, I've just finished up some storyboards for a project for the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Can't say any more than that at the moment, but stay tuned.


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